Managed Services

Mailhola provides exclusive and dedicated service led by experts in email marketing, integration and content to drive superlative engagement and empower your marketing roadmap.

Beyond Mailhola's Power-packed Features

If you’re too busy handling your business, Mailhola can help you setup your entire email strategy and can help you get on board. It just doesn’t stop there! Our experts email marketing specialists can get into the skin of your business and can help you build the smartest workflows using Mailhola’s signature features to integrate fine degree email automation including development and customization support.

Customized Email Strategy

While emails campaigns may sound generic, every business requires a well crafted and customized approach towards marketing tactics. That’s exactly what Mailhola experts do, to craft a refined strategy aligned with your goals to orchestrate campaign activity using Mailhola’s powerful tools.

Mail List Integration

With any email marketing campaign, your smart and well organized mailing lists are the power through which you can start driving your marketing messages. Mailhola helps you build up those email lists including custom fields to power your email campaigns.

API Development

Mailhola takes care of developing customized APIs for the tight integrations with your existing backend to ensure your mail lists are always up to date with robust database. Whether you have an app or website, our expert team of developers and partners ensure your mail lists and your existing user database are always in sync.

Smart Segmentation

While email lists bundle up your users to an extent, segments allow you to group your users into smarter chunks based on their behavior, stages and history. Mailhola helps you build those dynamic criteria so that you could keep your mailing lists organized and most updated based on the latest characteristics of your users – making your email messages when delivered, more relevant and impactful.

Email Automation

Our experts work with you to create series of email deliveries that are automated – so that you don’t have to worry about ensuring delivery of most important messages without human intervention. Mailhola will set up your entire email series using automation rules based on your selected criteria.

Copywriting Services

Keeping all the technical workflows aside – writing effective email copy and design around it is a key. Every little word and ensuring they look just right on all devices is a key with powerful email copy. Mailhola houses expert copywriters who write effective mail copy to craft high impact emails that conveys your message with razor sharp effect.

Email Design

In addition to the personalized emails, it equally important to leave the brand image when the users see your emails. And that’s why each email has to reflect the true brand experience alongside highly actionable email content. Our in-house team of dedicated creative designers can design custom branded email templates in HTML format ready to be used in your next Mailhola campaign.

Tracking and Reporting

A dedicated email campaign manager assigned to you will ensure detailed meaningful insights beyond the standard reports. Mailhola offers full-service support led by experts, to present you detailed data analysis, tracking and suggestions to improve your marketing communications.


Looking for personalized and one-to-one training and hands-on walkthrough to Mailhola’s rich set of tools, how to use them on regular basis with absolutely zero dependency. The support is available on hourly basis as and when needed or in predefined slots for the specific topics you’d like to cover – with a personalized training program.

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