Answers to your quick Questions

What does Mailhola do?

Mailhola provides a software-as-a-service for delivering effective email campaigns that any business needs to send out to their customers. Mailhola also has great automation and integration features that allows seamless orchestration of delivering right message at right time to the right audience.

How do I Sign up?

Go to pricing page, and choose a desired plan that fits your need. During the sign up, you will be required to make payment online, via credit card or paypal. Once you are done with the sign up, you will be required to complete your profile with business information, set up mailing server, authorise your domain and set up your mailing lists.

Do you have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free trial as it doesn’t fit into overall mechanism how service like mailhola provides. However – we are happy to schedule a demo with you if you’re interested in knowing more about what Mailhola can do. Please fill out the contact form and we’ll be happy to respond.

What about mail (sending) server? From where do I get one?

To be able to send emails via Mailhola, you will require email service that allows sending emails using service such as SMTP. While Mailhola doesn’t provide sending server, there are plenty of reputed and efficient service providers who do that. Most of them have a free tier which you can sign up with and then configure them in Mailhola. Here are a few of them –

Pepipost | Mailjet | Mailgun | Mailget Bolt | SendPulse | Amazon SES | PostMark

How do I handle email design?

Mailhola provides ready to use templates as boilerplate. Using them, you can design your own custom design with drag and drop wizard. Alternatively, if you have in house design team who can produce email design in HTML, you can import them as well.

How do I integrate Mailhola with my App / Website?

For every email list, you can can download HTML code that you can put on your website / within app, that helps your visitors to sign up for emails. For more robust and customized integration, you can ask your developers to use Mailhola APIs to integrate them based on your custom needs.

What’s Sending Quota and Sending Limit?

Sending Quota – is the number depicts total emails you can send within a month. Sending Limit – is the daily limit of emails that you can send.

I have signed up. I am not sure what to do next. Can you help?

Sure, feel free to contact us using the form and we will be glad to help you out. We typically offer a one time consulting of 2 hour for free once you’ve signed up. If you require additional training, there’s plenty of ways that’s possible, please check out our Managed Service section for more info. In any case, feel free to reach out to us.